Corente’s Cloud Service Exchange (CSX) is a cloud-based service delivery platform that enables IT Service Providers (SPs) or enterprises acting as their own SPs, to deliver applications and trusted network services between public or private cloud data centers and any location over any IP network. The Corente CSX is available to individual enterprises on a subscription basis and to SPs either on a subscription basis or through the licensing and operation of their own platform. The CSX’s scalable and secure multi-tenant architecture allows SPs to manage an unlimited number of additional independent account and security domains to support their entire service ecosystem. Through its patented intellectual property built upon an open technology base, Corente’s CSX extends the benefits of virtualization that are transforming the cloud data center across global IP networks, all the way to the enterprise network edge. The policy-defined and enforced abstraction layer provided by Corente’s CSX replaces the hard-wired enterprise network with an intelligent software-defined one. By defining the delivery policies and permissions in a secure software layer, Corente enables significant functional and process integration and automation that eliminates the complex, costly and error-prone multiple device configurations of traditional approaches. The CSX provides a service-oriented solution that brokers secure and authenticated IP-based services both within and between sovereign security domains regardless of the IP network upon which the CSGs (or “service gateways” which are defined below) reside. Corente makes the core elements and processes for global applications delivery service-oriented, software-defined, programmable and centrally controlled.

The key components of the Cloud Services Exchange include:

The Corente Services Control Point (SCP) is the centralized service management and SDN controller component that provides service delivery orchestration through a rich set of programmatic service governance and automated service operations capabilities.

The Corente Portal provides secure, role-based access to the CSX service life cycle management tools for both service operators and service subscribers.

The Corente Services Gateway (CSG) is an integrated virtual appliance stack for service delivery to the enterprise and a distributed control agent that executes only the prescribed service policies resident in the SCP.

The Corente Service Control Channel (CSC) is a secure, always on, “out of band” connection to the SCP that enables automated authentication, registration, service provisioning, and software updates for the distributed Corente Services Gateways. It is also the conduit for real time service monitoring, alerting and reporting.

The Corente Services Network (CSN) is the intelligent service layer that results from the programmatic controls in the SCP that are executed in the CSG.

Acting in concert, these components provide a complete global services delivery solution for defining, provisioning, activating, operating and dynamically changing business services delivery requirements for Enterprise Ecosystems.

Corente eliminates these costly, labor-intensive problems because its policy management automates security, network and performance configurations without the complex integration of separate hardware and software components. These capabilities enable enterprises to implement a simple and scalable “publish and subscribe” model for their applications and services with best in class enterprise governance and automated service management tools. These capabilities provide fine grained control of permissions and privileges as well as an end-to-end view of the performance of their applications, distributed servers and networks that is independent of the underlying collection of physical networks.

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